Next Level LightSword Fitness Program.

Welcome in Hero. Let’s take a look at what you can do with right LightSword.

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Good news Hero.

You can do this.

You absolutely can unlock and achieve epic LightSword spinning skills.

And at speed.

That’s because we’re going to give you the Kung Flow Download, a step-by-step video training program that will rocket you forward all the way from zero to Hero.

And by give, we mean give.

The Kung Flow LightSword training program is fully free, and yours to download right now.

No risk.

Zero obligation.

We’ll even pay for the bandwidth.

And all you really need to download Kung Flow is a straight stick and some space to spin.

That folder also contains video tutorials that show you how to easily assemble pro-quality training sabers out of parts you can source entirely at Home Depot for about $11:11.



If you like The Matrix, Assassins Creed, Airbender’s, Black Panther, The X-men or anything along those lines, I promise this will be fun for you. This program explores all kinds of new ways of maximizing the performance of your mind and body.

As you Master RSA, (Rapid Skill Acquisition) you’ll start unlocking advanced saber spinning skills at the speed of light.

This is such a rush. Sometimes, it feels like you’re downloading skills straight out of The Matrix.

But here comes the secret sauce. You’ll also be building yourself a better body.

Yep, contact swords are super fun to spin, but they’re also truly free weights.

And once you’ve downloaded Kung Flow and have acquired your swords, it costs nothing to play.

So you’ll spend many happy hours unlocking new skills and level ups.

As you’re having a blast unlocking and rocking impressive new sword skills, you’ll also be building, defining, and toning highly attractive muscle mass.

Bonus level: This is kinetically intelligent muscle.

As in you’ll be armored up in muscle that can move with power, precision and grace.

Kung Flow is also an exercise in critical thinking, so you’ll get smarter and stronger, faster than you ever thought possible.

So you’ll also have that assurance that comes with knowing you can rock any arena.

OK friends, let’s get to the good news. About mid-June, we’ll be opening up shop and equipping you with the most advanced spinning swords ever available on this planet.

First out of the gate is the Aesir Staff Model One-T.

Some swords look good on screen.

Ours make you look good in real life.

The Aesir Staff M1-t is the tool that unlocks the fast track to advanced skillset status.

Take it from the world’s leading LightSword operator, A double-bladed, lightweight, foam padded trainer is what you want to start with.

The Aesir Staff’s perfectly balanced, highly tuned, precision build allows you to master the Pro-Level moves quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve got them on lock, you can transfer them straight over to your LightSword.


For those friends who have been following the Kung Flow saga, know that the AEsir Sword and Staff are coming to life as we speak.

I’ve got a 3D print version of the M1-t in hand now.

This perfectly tuned contact sword is also modular AF and quickly converts into an Aesir staff with just the twist of a grip.

This truly Light Sword is everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Speaking of Light, we’re already in motion on The Phoenix V2, an LED emitter that swaps right into this hilt.

It’s Mil-Spec, solid-state build means it will be fully JarJar proof.

As in you’ll be able to drop it off a bridge and all it’s going to do is bounce a bit, and then keep shining.

Wait til’ you hear what the GPS/Bluetooth supercharged V3 does….

LA! There will be a live Kung Flow class in Culver city Saturday the 19th at 1 Pm. We’re going to be sharing all kinds of behind the scenes news, and there will be at least one special guest. Hint- It’s a sword. 🙂

Class is filled with cool new friends, donation only, and free as it needs to be.

Get ready Hero.

Stay tuned.

Stay Lit.



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