Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Welcome in Hero. Let’s take a look at what you can do with a Lightsaber.

Kung Flow is a Lightsaber training program that teaches you how to use the power of your mind to upgrade your performance in every aspect of your life.

This program is designed to supercharge all your systems.

Here’s what $3.99 is going to get you.

1. Kung Flow is super fun.

You’re going to experience the thrill of expertly wielding the most iconic weapon in the galaxy.

Enough said.

2. You’re going to get smarter and stronger, faster than you ever thought possible.


Kung Flow isn’t just a saber tricking tutorial. It’s also a next-level life skills program.

The Lightsaber is the first application, but the life hacks you learn through the study of the sword can be applied to everything you do. People are using Kung Flow end heavy drug addictions. If it works on that level of problem, imagine what it can do for you.

The first thing we do is something new.  We show how you how to use your PC as a model for your mind. This is a major game changer, one of the biggest of our time.

Now that we all get the gist of simple PC concepts like “Software” and “Operating Systems”, we’re able to recognize that our brains have something like an Operating System.

Good news.  You can update your own operating system.

(Relax, Kung Flow makes the process super fun and easy. The only side effect is acquiring epic lightsaber skills)

Next, we light you up inside. We do this by showing you an undeniable proof that you already possess an astonishing amount of raw processing power.

Our PC’s are also providing us with another truly priceless gift. They give us something to compare our “processors” to. They creates a way to measure our mental horsepower.

This is where it gets exciting,  because  the “hardware” you already have built in is phenomenally powerful.

True story. As an example, imagine what you could accomplish if you had the brainpower of 250,000 of your PC’s perfectly networked together?

Well, if you did, you’d have just about 1% of the total processing power you already have built in, right now.

Know what can be stored in your “memory banks”?

The entire internet.

True story.

See for yourself.  http://www.salk.edu/news-release/memory-capacity-of-brain-is-10-times-more-than-previously-thought/

And yes you Hero, that’s the average.

Knowing this super-charges your self-confidence, helps you blast past your blocks and then rockets you forward into a truly unlimited future.

Fact: We all have Jedi level Intel inside, right now. We’re just running an operating system that hasn’t even had a patch since Jesus was on the Geek Squad.

Funny conversation right? That’s only because we’re the first generation capable of even having it.

We’re also the very first generation who can comprehend that the brain has two “Drives”, the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is strong, but it’s an Atari compared to the beyond-super-computer that is your subconscious mind. That drive is currently rocking around 120 trillion calculations a second.

That’s this many:  120,000,000,000,000.

 Every single second. 

This math is crucial, because it proves you have the power to achieve any goal you set your unlocked mind to.

Kung Flow shows you how to manually engage the power of the sub-conscious mind.

This assist makes mastering complex new skills so much easier.  As an example, this clip was filmed on the second day I ever tried performing this set.

Honestly, it was almost effortless. That’s what can happen when you know Kung Flow.

Here’s the thing. I’m no one special. Just a guy. Nothing exceptional. So you can make this happen too.

I hope you do, because rapidly mastering advanced saber skills at speed is such a rush. It’s a truly epic experience.  It can feel like you’re “downloading” the skills straight out of The Matrix.

And you will be able to rock this. We all can.

That’s because the mathematical fact of the matter is that the average human brain is well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer.

You’re that good Hero. We’re all way better than we ever dreamed, and Kung Flow is going to give you a way to put that vast power into play.

3. Bonus level: You’re going to build a better body.

Expertly wielding a Lightsaber is exhilarating.

That’s a very good thing because saber spinning also happens to be a great core workout.

And once you have your saberstaff and the system, it doesn’t cost anything to play.

(Grand total, about $17 to start.)

Because Kung Flow is fun and free,  you’ll do it often. This means you’re putting in regular workouts with weights. So what feels like playtime is actually building and defining mass, armoring you up in kinetically intelligent and highly attractive muscle.

The full systems upgrade in physical and mental fitness allows you to rock the contact rolls that make it look like your saber is guided by The Force.

These cutting-edge skills will blow your friends’ minds open. Their praise and encouragement lights you up inside, giving you a super-charged surge of self-confidence that makes you want to train even more.

The longer practices increase your vigor, vitality, and stamina, allowing you to train even longer. So you build up an even bigger and stronger body, that allows you to explore the flips, kicks and 360 spins.

This ascending cycle replicates and repeats, creating a perfect circle of positive energy generation that powers up your entire life.

I know this is possible, because it’s exactly what happened for me, and I’m no different than you.

Here’s the obligatory before-and-after pics of someone who used Kung Flow to unlock a new life.

The insights I gained through Kung Flow helped me realize I was sub-consciously keeping myself from being healthy, and gave me the gentle re-introduction to physical fitness that I needed. I then got a trainer, and used the mental techniques to make sure I rocked my cardio and other workouts. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and Kung Flow played a huge part in that.” -Alaina S

Good news Hero. This is all highly affordable as well. The cost for the Kung Flow tutorial is just $3.99.

Kung Flow contains 9 training sessions that cover all the crucial tools needed to unlock the truly advanced skill set:

You’ll master problem solving, critical thinking, develop SSA-Secondary Self Awareness, learn how to engage your Super-Conscious Drive, and install ADR- Automatic Drop Recovery.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use the Lightsaber to externalize, identify, and override the Limiting Self Belief Programs that are the only thing keeping us from living the lives of our dreams.

More good news. The equipment is also easy to acquire.

Shoot me your Email address,  and I’ll send you a link to a free video tutorial that will show you how to build yourself a highly capable starter saberstaff for about $11 worth of materials you can find at any Home Depot.

This is the tool you want to start with. It’s called a Fastaff because you can have it in your hands today.

Bonus Level:  That $11 dollars gets you 2 complete Fastaffs.

So for a grand total of $17, you and a friend can have an absolute blast leveling up together. Or if you’re rolling Solo, you can work on unlocking the ability to dual-wield. Either way, you’re about to experience endless hours of exhilarating and enlightening exercise.

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Bonus level: The Kung Flow Download also now contains an assembly schematic that shows you how to build your own QuickSpinner, a surprisingly high performance contact saber for $30 worth of Home Depot parts.

I’m blown away by how well this training saber performs for something so easy to assemble. It’s a truly high performance contact sword.

All this is just $3.99. Please click on the saber below to be taken to the purchase page.

Thank you!

Ok, now you know the basics. But if you explore the site you’ll see why I’m so lit up about what’s possible when you know Kung Flow. The epic saber spinning skills are a given. That’s the easy part.

We want to show you how to use a Lightsaber as a lever that unlocks a whole new life.




*I will never sell or abuse your info in anyway, as that sucks.

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