Download your next level-up with a Lightsaber

Good news. If you like Lightsabers you’re about to have an absolute blast, because you’re going to get good fast.

Hi, I’m Rif. I’m a full-time Pro Lightsaber performer and instructor. I’ve taught several thousand people just like you how to rock with a saber. So please watch this clip knowing that you absolutely can achieve these kind of skills.

And yes, you. You will be able to expertly wield the most elegant weapon in the Galaxy.

That’s because this isn’t just a saber tricking tutorial.

It’s also a next level life hacking program.

Does it work?

Origin Story: When I started studying FireStaff in 2003, there were no teachers. So I had to bumble around on my own. I’m really glad that happened. In doing so, I stumbled across a new way of learning how to learn.

Basically, you use your PC as a model for your mind.

Major game changer.

This technique shows you how to use the power of your mind to supercharge the performance of your body.

Kung Flow self propelled me from mediocre noob to world class, full-time Firesaber Pro in about a year.

Does it work for others?

Well, Angel wasn’t exactly an X-Man the day he skated by a San Diego spinning class.


He got this good in a month.


If that random kid can rock that fast, so can you.

Before we go any further, let’s set your mind at ease. The total cost for the Kung Flow 101 training program is just $3.99.

After that, all you need is a straight stick and some space to spin.

There is no catch. There are no hidden fees.

There never will be.

I refuse to use shady psychology to trick you into buying something. I am all the way over that.

You can also assemble 2 capable starter Saberstaffs for $11 worth of parts you can source any Home Depot.



I’d recommend you go this route. Fastaffs spin well, go together like Lego’s, and building your own SaberStaff really adds to the inner Jedi activation experience. If you drop your email in the box on the bottom of this page, I’ll send you an assembly schematic for it right now, free of charge.

Let’s Force-Amplify the offer. If you don’t receive 4 bucks worth of value from Kung Flow, I’ll refund your money and you can use it to put a downpayment on a cup of Cappuccino.

Good news. Several hundred test-pilots have now downloaded Kung Flow. The feedback has been great.
It’s basic, but it’s working, and that’s what matters.



Why is it all priced so low?

Because I’m not solely focused on making money.  I want to make a difference.

I also want to make rent.  So please do send me the four bucks.

I promise you it all goes straight back into the business of providing you with a truly epic fitness adventure.

But I also want you to know that you’re also supporting something bigger than a saber tricking tutorial.



Others are using Kung Flow to get fit.


That’s what’s possible when you know Kung Flow.

I want to share this with as many people as possible.

That’s why it’s only $3.99.

You can do this, you can afford this, and it’s really good for you.

So go ahead and let yourself get fired up about downloading your next level-up with a Lightsaber.


Why am I so confident in your ability to unlock and achieve the advanced Lightsaber skills?

Because I know you already have Jedi level Intel inside.

In the first part of Kung Flow I’m going to use math and science to create a working proof that you already have the power to achieve any goal you set your unlocked mind to.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve crunched the numbers on your specs.

According to Science, your brain is well over a million times more powerful than a supercomputer.

It actually takes 83,000 supercomputers 4o minutes to simulate one second of your brain activity.

Know what can be stored in your memory banks?

The entire Internet.

Yep. You’re that good Hero. Those numbers are based on the average brain btw.

That math proves we are all already incredibly  powerful.

We’re just running an Operating System that hasn’t been updated since Jesus was on the Geek Squad.

Kung Flow is going to give you a way to put that vast power into play.

My goal is that you learn how to learn at the speed of light.  As an example, this spin occurred just 2-3 days after I first built this new kind of flying sword.


Here’s the thing. I’m no one special. Just a guy. So you will be able to rock this.

Kung Flow is low impact and the 101 class can be done by anyone who can do a jumping jack.

Can’t do a jumping jack? We can help with that. This can be a gentle and enjoyable way to bring your body back online.

Bonus level: You’re going to build a better body.


Unlocking Lightsaber skills at lightspeed also happens to be a high quality core workout.

And once you have your saberstaff and the system, it doesn’t cost anything to play.

Because Kung Flow is fun and free, you’ll do it often.

This means you’re putting in regular workouts with weights.

So what feels like playtime is also armoring you up in attractive muscle mass.

This is high functioning muscle. So your body starts to feel like a high-powered sports car.

The compliments start rolling in as you blow people’s minds open with your new moves. Their praise lights you up inside and supercharges your self-confidence.

This gives you the power to unlock the dynamic kicks, flips and 360 spins. That’s fun.

So you train even more.

This cycle creates a perfect circle of positive energy generation that powers up your entire life.

OK, if I’ve earned your interest, engrave your email in the inbox and I’ll send you the Fastaff Schematic.

It’s called a Fastaff because you can have it in your hands today. But also because it’s super-light and smartly padded. This means you can safely and enjoyably explore spinning your saber so fast space/time starts to blur.

Get your link, get on the list.
Get the latest content first.
We respect your privacy.

Bonus Level-Up: First Contact.

Contact is the art where you roll the saber around your body without using your hands. If done right, it looks like you have The Force.

When you purchase the Kung Flow Download, you’ll also earn access to assembly schematics for two highly capable contact training sabers also sourced entirely from Home Depot.



The QuickSpinner costs about $27 to assemble, and the Fastaff HD is around $17.

This is quick clip from the first test spin of the Fastaff HD. This is the tool you want to start with.



OK, now you’re up to light speed.

I’d like to make a direct request. If you can see the potential of this program, please invest the $3.99, and ask your friends to do the same.

Your $4 will go towards getting Pro-Quality spinning sabers out of prototyping, and into production.

If you help me now, we can can CrowdSource the Force and build a business that brings a lot of Light into the world.

But we need to get the word out, and right now I don’t have much of an advertising budget.

Simply sharing this site with your Star Wars fandom friends is incredibly helpful. Please do.

Your $3.99 will also provide you with endless hours of affordable, enjoyable, and enlightening exercise.

My hope is that it helps you light up a whole new life.

I’m going to do everything in my power to help make that happen.

Please click on the button below the saber to buy now. Let’s get lit.

Thank you!



I will never sell or abuse your info in anyway, as that sucks.

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