Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Welcome in Hero. Let’s start by showing you the kind of saber skills you’re about to unlock and achieve.

That’s just the beginning. You also have the power to master the Double-Bladed saber, Dual-Wielding, Tri-Wielding, FlightSabers and so much more. The saber is the first application, but Kung Flow is going to show you  to accelerate your performance in every arena.

That’s because Kung Flow isn’t just a saber tricking tutorial. It’s a next-level life skills course designed to imrpve your performance in every aspect of your life. This clip will bring you up to speed on what Kung Flow is, and how it can help you unlock your big  next level up.

In case you’re at work, school, or hyper-space and can’t view the video, here’s the bullet points.

1. Kung Flow is  super fun.

You’re going to get to experience yourself expertly wielding the most elegant weapon in the galaxy.  It’s like playing an epic video game, only it’s infinitely better because it’s in real life.

2. You’re going to get smarter, and think faster.


All physical skills originate inside the mind.  The body responds entirely to the commands of the brain.
Your brain has an operating system. This is a way to update it.

Do that, and your  performance automatically accelerates. It is an odd conversation, but that’s only because we’re the first generation capable of even having it. Your basic familiarity with simple computer concepts like “software” and “programming” give you the ability to start upgrading the systems that run your mind and body.

You’re  going to learn how to learn faster, and perform at a much higher level.  That’s possible because the “hardware” you already have built in is already phenomenally powerful. The mathematical fact of the matter is that your brain is well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer.

Your sub-conscious mind is currently performing about 120 trillion calculations every second. That’s this many. 120,000,000,000,000.  That math proves you that can do anything you set your unlocked mind to.

We’re going to show you a way to put that vast power into play.

3. Bonus level: You’re going to build a better body.

Kung Flow is going to help you learn how to learn faster. This means you’re going to be able to unlock and achieve advanced saber skills at lightspeed.

RSA, (Rapid Skill Acquisition) is such a rush. Sometimes it can feel like you’re “downloading” new moves. This experience is truly exhilarating, and positively addicting. And that’s a very good thing because saber spinning is also a great low impact, comprehensive core work out.

And once you have your saber, it doesn’t cost anything to play.  So this means you’ll spend many happy hours having an absolute blast finding out what the new you can do with a Lightsaber. The strikes light up the warrior within, and the contact rolls tap you straight into the flowstate. That optimizes your mindstate, generating feelings of peaceful strength that last for days.

Here’s the exponential force amplifier. Kung Flow is fun, you’ll do it often. The keys to fitness are consistency and duration. So what feels like play time, is actually building and toning your body, armoring you up in kinetically intelligent muscle.

The full systems upgrade in physical and mental fitness allows you to unlock and rock the bigger skills, the kicks, flips and 360 spins. These are the moves that blow your friends’ minds open. The compliments light you up inside, giving you a super-charged surge of self-confidence that makes you want to train even more. This leads to an increase in overall vitality and stamina,  allowing you to train even longer,  building an even better body.

This ascending cycle replicates and repeats, creating a perfect circle of positive energy generation that powers up your entire life.

Here’s the obligatory before-and-after pics of someone who used Kung Flow to unlock a new life.

Kung Flow helped me realize I was sub-consciously keeping myself from being healthy, and gave me the gentle re-introduction to physical fitness that I needed. I then got a trainer, and used the mental techniques to make sure I rocked my cardio and other workouts. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and Kung Flow played a huge part in that.” -Alaina S

These benefits are a given.  If you’re diligent and follow directions, you will get the skills and build a better body. But the testimonials on the next page will show you why I’m so lit up about what you can do with this system.




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