A super-fun LightSword fitness training program.

Welcome in Hero. Let’s take a look at what you can do with the right light sword.

And yes, you.  You can do this. Thousands of people just like you have used Kung Flow to unlock and achieve some sweet saber spinning skills.

That’s because this isn’t just a tricking tutorial.

It’s a next level life-hacking program.


Before we go any further, let’s set your mind at ease.

This training program is free.

No risk. Zero obligation.

And all you really need to download Kung Flow is a straight stick and some space to spin.

Here’s a free link to thefull version of the Kung Flow digital download.


There is no catch. There are no hidden fees. There never will be.

That link  also contains videos that show you how to assemble 2 fully capable starter Saberstaffs for $11.11 worth of parts you can source at any hardware store.


Fastaffs spin well, go together as easy as Lego’s, and building your own Double Bladed SaberStaff really adds to the experience.

So relax Hero, this is fun, free and good for you.

You got this.

Kung Flow is  a super fun fitness experience that makes you smarter and stronger, faster than you ever thought possible.

If you like The Matrix, Star Trek, Assassins Creed, The X-men, Deadpool or anything along those lines, I promise this will be fun for you.
This program explores exciting new ways of maximizing the performance of the mind and body.

Super secret hidden Bonus Level.

Your body will also automatically start building highly attractive muscle mass. But it won’t just be the for-show-only bulk of the Old’s Gym iron pumper, it will be the long, lean, explosively powerful and highly coordinated, kinetically intelligent armor of the actual athlete.

Here’s the thing. Weights are great for building mass.

But they won’t hone your reflexes, amplify your proprioception, or improve your co-ordination.

Kung Flow does all that.

And here comes One of the Crucial Keys to leveling up your enitre life. Working out gives you energy.

You just have to do it often.

The challenge is finding the motivation to break free from the tractor beam that currently has you couch-locked.

Kung Flow is super fun and totally free.

So you’ll do it a lot.

This gives you more energy.

So you train even more. This means you caen unlock bigger, faster, more dynamic new moves.

This ascending cycle creates a perfect circle of positive energy generation that powers up your entire life.

Pretty soon, you’re rocking your new Superhero body in real life.



OK friends let’s get to the really good news.

The KnightLight M1-T LightSword is in Proto-typing.

I’ve got a rough 3D print version in hand now. It’s already by far the best pure spinning sword ever produced on this planet.

This perfectly tuned contact sword is also modular AF and quickly converts into a double bladed LightStaff with just the twist of a grip.

This is everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more. It’s so going to be worth the wait.

But you want to get Lit right now, right?

I hear you. So I also sourced some OEM electric swords that can be modified for contact spinning.

Not only do they move well, they somehow survived the two most grueling stress tests an electric LightSword can endure.

1. A month of practice on concrete with me in HyperMonk mode.
2. Three full hours with a 3 year old.

I’m happy to say all the Swords are still lit.

These are not good enough to put the KnightLightt name on. They’re a hack we came up with in order to get you lit ASAP.

That’s why we named them “The HawkSaber”.

I’m figuring out how to get these to you as we speak. I can’t take too much time away from producing the KnightLight
to deal with orders and customer service and whatnot, so please be patient as we dial everything in.

For now, I’d suggest downloading Kung Flow and getting really good with the Fastaff. That way when  your K
nightLight M1-T is ready you can rock it right out of the box.

There’s some pretty exciting stuff happening behind the scenes.

I can’t wait to tell you what we’re up to, and who we’re now playing with. 🙂



LOS ANGELES!  We have fired up a Kinetically Intelligent Social Scene called Light Club.

It’s a Modern Day Knight Class.

We’re’positvely charged people who are having an absolute blast co-creating a vibrant social scene with
full accountability.

That means everyone is always operating from honor, so you can drop the walls and connect with
other good people enjoyably and effortlessly.

Using Kung Flow to explore Rapid Skill Acquisition is the primary focus, but that’s just the jumping off point.

We Love to explore all manners of lifehacks and level-ups. If it makes us smarter. stronger, faster or happier, we’re
interested in it.

We’re also excited about how fast the scene is growing. If you like the idea of having fun getting fit while also
helping to establish a Modern Day Knight Class that makes the world a better place to be, this is going to be
good for you.

Right now, Light Club is in build mode, and therefore is totally free. So there’s no risk.  Please feel free to attend and see if you like what we’re up to.

That will change in the future, so jump in while you can.

You can absolutely offer an energy exchange and it would be most appreciated. But not necessary.

We meet Tuesdays at Veterans Memorial Park in Culver City. 4517 Overland Ave, 7pm.

Hey LA! Next big event is Tuesday 9/25 at 7pm.

Here’s a link to the event page.


First rule of Light Club: Tell Light-Hearted people about Light Club. 

Second rule of Light Club: Have fun.

Third rule of Light Club. If it’s your first Knight, you must pun** at least once. 

Fourth rule of Light Club: Act with Honor at all times. 

Fifth rule of Light Club: Figure out what the fifth rule is.  

That’s only kind of a joke, Light Club is designed to be dynamic and user generated. As in we all co-create the social protocols as we go,
in a way that best serves the greater good.





*I will never sell or abuse your info in anyway, as that sucks.

** There will be puns. Bad ones. Lots of them. Brace yourself. 🙂


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