Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

These are the kind of skills you are going to be able to unlock and achieve. Yes, you. 🙂

The Staff is the Master Teaching tool. Master it and you can master anything.

Dual wielding, one saber, one saberstaff. AKA, “Gandolphing”.

OK, some of you currently think those skills are impossible for you, so I’m calling in an Angel. This random kid skated by a spinning class in San Diego one day.

angel goofy
Angel was just some kid who thought spinning looked fun. This is him after 2 Kung Flow classes, and about a month of training.

Pretty impressive right? Well, check him out now.

Ok, now that we know what’s possible, let’s take a look at what you can do with a Smarter Saber.

And here’s something totally different.

This video was created for the Kickstarter.  If you’re wondering why I kept misspelling “Jedi”, I’d suggest you do some googling on the term “Djed Pillar, or “Djedi Warrior”. It gets interesting.

This clip is a good example of how a Djedi operates in the real world.

It’s funny, I started in Fire, worked my way toward the Light (saber), and now all I want to do is spin the padded SmartSaber. Why? Because training with a heavy weapon invariably results in taking some hits. The SmartSaber minimizes the impact, which makes the study of the sword super fun.

There is a certain beauty in Fire though, and do I appreciate the focus and discipline I had to cultivate in order to survive that career.

Speaking of fire, this next set gives you an idea of how powerful the Kung Flow system is. That’s two 3 sectional staffs, with a poi in each hand as well. I don’t ever have time to bring out this set anymore, so please forgive the poor video. Pretty sure this was shot during the Jurassic era…

Here’s another one-off set I’m really looking forward to exploring. I think this is going to be a big hit for performers.

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