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If you live in the greater LA area, we definitely recommend attending a live Kung Flow class.  The saber attracts great people, so the class is always light hearted, fun and supportive. The personal attention Rif can give you will also help you fine tune your flow.

Good news! Class in LA on 10/8. Here’s the event listing.

What do you need to bring to class? Just an open mind. All gear will be provided. All you need to bring is water and athletic clothes. We’ll spend the first 20 minutes covering theory and application, then start working with the SaberStaffs.

What are classes like? 

It’s a ton of fun. Class is always an interactive Lab, not a lecture. We all work together so that we can all go further, faster.  Sometimes my job is to get out of the way and listen to the totally game changing idea you just came up with. Class is never the same twice. Each event operates according to who’s there, where we want to go, and what we want to explore. Regardless, we always operate as equals, and keep the tone lighthearted.

This means that everyone is supportive and encouraging at all times. Please know that the people who respond to this kind of healthy social scene are just like you. Open minded, kind-hearted and interested in exploring new ways of unlocking the next levels of life.

spark class
Also, science says that we learn better when we’re laughing, and sabers seem to attract really funny people. You will definitely be subjected to a lot of really bad puns from us. We are Pun-Fu masters. Fair warning. 🙂

Also everyone is encouraged to crack wise as often as is appropriate. The class is powered by positive energy, so we get out what we put in. Add without overpowering is the guideline.

At no point are we going to fight/spar. Yes, dueling is very fun, but we’re focused on using the saber in a way that lights people up, rather than cuts them down. There is massive value in studying sword fighting  But there are many other people far more qualified to teach those arts.

You will leave having mastered all 8 of the Staff’s major movements.

Yes, you. 🙂

Are sabers provided? 

Yes. We have a smartly padded, light weight saberstaff for you to play with. After you’ve unlocked the skills, we’ll have some demo SmartSabers for you to explore as well. Just make sure you are well fed, have visited the bathroom, and have water on hand. Other than that, just bring an open mind and a willingness to be awesome*.


*Not responsible if you blow your own mind open when you pull off an undeniably Jedi level skill.

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