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Kung Flow is a super fun fitness program but it can be so much more. It’s also a way to program your brain to get better at everything you do.

This aspect of the program is especially fun/helpful for certain people, so I’d like to address you directly.

1. Geeks.

My people. 🙂 Back in the the dark days, (The 1980’s.) we used to think you could either be super smart or a great athlete, but not both. That’s bunk. Yes, you need a certain body type to dunk a basketball from the free-throw line, but everyday skills like throwing a ball, putting, and catching a nerf dart in mid-flight are all running on something much like software—and you well know just how easily that software can be optimized.

Kung Flow shows you that all physical ability originates inside the mind.

Optimize your mindstate, and your physical abilities will automatically accelerate.

You have one of the finest minds in existence. So let’s have some fun with it.  Let’s use it to bring your physical skills fully online so that you can be the complete package.

2. Gamers.

Hero, think of how much fun it is to pull off an epic 27 hit sword combo on your favorite MMO. Now imagine what it will feel like when you are actually rocking those same moves, but IRL.

Don’t let yourself settle for being consoled by the console.

Virtually anyone can be a Hero in the virtual world, as it takes virtually no real skill.

You can play the Hero in real time and live a real life that is actually far more interesting than any zero-stake game someone else laid out for you. You can light real people up with your saber skills.

Please know that Phase 2 of our program creates a way for you to actually get paid to go on epic rescue missions in real time and help real people solve real problems. Really.

If you like Assassin’s Creed I’d dive deep into this because Phase 3 brings that game to life.


You can get a sneak peek at phase 2 at Is it actually cool? Ask one of the Game Masters from World of Warcraft.


Finally, an activity that the whole family can enjoy together without the kids feeling lame, or Dad busting his tailbone trying to kick-flip Junior’s skateboard.

Good news Parents. Kids want to learn saber skills. They want to emulate the noble Knights they see on the shows. They want to feel heroic. The great news is that we can convince your kids “The Chosen Ones” are known throughout the galaxy for their clean rooms, exemplary manners, and vegetable eating abilities…

I have 17 years experience in the after-school education, team building, and leadership skills development fields. Many of the life lessons you would like to impart to your children are deftly woven into the program. Studying the saber together is a great way to bond, and will generate a wealth of teachable moments.

Here’s a great example from a live class in San Diego. This young lady was blocked to the point of tears on a move, because she was over pressuring herself. We gave her a simple mental tool that allowed her to blast past that block. Not only did she get the move, Mom says it’s opened up her entire life.

That smile is what makes it all worthwhile.


I’ll keep this short. 🙂

You’re fidgeting and unfocused (Squirrel!) because you’re not burning off all that energy. The fidget spinners are fun, but they don’t work the big muscles. Kung Flow is all the fun of fidget spinning, but leveled way up.

A big part of your problem is that your school is just not set up to handle someone with your speed. Kung Flow will help you download the crucial life skills, and we’ll make it feel like you’re the Star of the best VideoGame ever.

Still here? Good job! Show this one to your parents.

Flow Artists. 

You are so ahead of the next big wave.



This one has my heart. This is the category I am most personally invested in, as Kung Flow is what unlocked my very dysfunctional life.  Way too much abuse/neglect/trauma as a child left me a walking zombie. This system woke me up out of the fog, and unlocked a whole new life for me.

Right now we have an epidemic of addiction and PTSD. If you’re in recovery mode, there are two pieces of really good news for you.

One is that using the PC a model for the mind is a major game changer, makes it much easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Spoiler alert, it’s you rocking a saber like a boss. 🙂 ) You absolutely can fight your way back into the Light, and we’re going to help you make that process surprisingly fun and easy.

The really good news is that rebounding from rock bottom is an extremely valuable educational experience. It makes you a really effective guide for those people also going through tough times. So if you master Kung Flow and get a counseling cert from an accredited institution, your services will always be in demand.

You can absolutely spin your all your trauma and tragedy into gold.

I did, and I’m nothing special.


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