Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Kung Flow was originally conceived as a way to enhance athletic performance. This went well, it self-propelled me from mediocre noob to full time, world class, world traveling FireSaber pro in less than a year.

But a chance twist of fate led to it becoming something more.  I taught a random Kung Flow class at a drug rehab for high risk teens. It was supposed to just be something to get the kids up and moving. Then Kate told me she was applying the mental techniques to her addiction recovery process. And that they were working.

Kate and I became very fast friends. We reverse engineered what was working for her, then starting teaching the other kids how to use a Lightsaber to rewire their minds. We had so much success, the owners of the Clinic asked me to come on as the full time Rec. Therapist.

I was a bit hesitant at first, as I had no formal addiction training or certs, and this was a $30,000 a month clinic for high risk kids. The Owners said the results we were getting were what mattered.  This was easily the most fascinating and rewarding thing I had ever been a part of.  So I gave up performing, and took the full time job so that I could focus on making Kung Flow as strong as possible.

I led off with that story, because I want to make sure that you know just how powerful Kung Flow is.  Countless people have now used it to end addictions and/or triumph over some truly horrendous circumstances.

So if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, PTSD or other dysfunctions, know that there is affordable help. Having the use of the PC as a metaphor is an incredibly useful tool for those in recovery mode. An addiction is just a self replicating virus program, and you can override the cravings with the power of your mind. You just have to believe that you can. In the realm of the mind, everything comes down to what you believe to be true.

That’s where the saber comes in. It gives you a way to prove to yourself that you are actually quite capable, and that you can positively program yourself to succeed. As you experience yourself performing undeniably Jedi style skills, it creates a tangible working proof of progress in your physical abilities. This will give you the assurance that’s it’s also working in your mind.

So much of what holds us back is all in our heads. So often, we can be the source of our problems.  I certainly was mine. The saber can be used to identify and override the limiting self belief programs that are truly the only thing keeping us from achieving our ultimate potential.  For example this gifted kid has an IQ of 165, but was terrified of his swimming pool.

There a few groups I’d like to address directly, as Kung Flow has proven especially helpful for them.


Back in the the dark days, (The ’80’s.) we used to think you could either be smart or a great athlete, but not both.

That’s bunk. Yes, you need a certain body type to dunk a basketball from the free-throw line, but everyday skills like throwing a ball, putting, and catching a nerf dart in mid-flight are all running on something much like software—and you well know just how easily that software can be optimized.

Kung Flow shows you that all physical ability originates inside the mind. You have one of the finest minds in existence. So let’s have some fun with it.  Let’s use it to bring your physical skills fully online so that you can be the complete package.

2. Gamers.

Hero, think of how much fun it is to pull off an epic 27 hit sword combo on your favorite MMO. Now imagine what it will feel like when you are actually rocking those same moves, but IRL. Don’t let yourself settle for being consoled by the console. You can play the Hero in real time and live a life that is actually far more interesting than any game someone else laid out for you. You can light real people up with your saber skills.


Unlocking all the mental techniques, different skill trees and weapon combo’s will also give you highly valuable real world life skills, and help you connect with other heroic peers in the biggest game available, reality.

Yes, VR is the next big thing, but then again, virtually anybody can be a virtual hero. Because that takes no real skill, as there’s virtually no real effort required.

Please know that Phase 2 + 3 of our program creates a way for you to get paid to complete actually epic rescue missions in real life. You’re going to be able to use your legendary saber skills to help real people, in real time.


We’ll also soon be launching Djedi Generation, a social scene designed to empower a Modern Day Knight Class. We’ve created a way for you to gamify your real world. You can play the rest life as something like a Jedi. I’m doing exactly that now, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had.  Is it actually cool? Ask one of the Game Masters from World of Warcraft.


Finally, an activity that the whole family can enjoy together without the kids feeling lame, or Dad busting his tailbone trying to kick-flip Junior’s skateboard.

Good news Parents. Kids want to learn saber skills. They want to emulate the noble Knights they see on the shows. They want to feel heroic. The great news is that you can tell your kids “The Chosen Ones” are known throughout the galaxy for their clean rooms, exemplary manners and vegetable eating abilities…

The designer of Kung Flow has 15 years experience in the after-school education, team building, and leadership skills development field. Many of the imperative life lessons you would like to impart to your children are deftly woven into the program. Studying the saber together is a great way to bond, and will generate a wealth of teachable moments.


Here’s a great example from a live class in San Diego. This young lady was blocked to the point of tears on a move, because she was over pressuring herself. We gave her a simple mental tool that allowed her to blast past that block. Not only did she get the move, Mom says it’s opened up her entire life.

That smile is what makes it all worthwhile.


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