Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Kung Flow was originally conceived as a way to enhance athletic performance, but a chance twist of fate led to it becoming something truly valuable.

A  drug rehab for high risk teens was looking for someone to teach the kids spinning. It was supposed to be just a one-off, an activity to get them up and moving. I like random adventures, so I went out to Malibu and ran a class. The rehab kids really liked Kung Flow, so I taught out there as my schedule allowed.

But then one day Kate showed me how she was applying the mental techniques that drive Kung Flow to her addiction recovery process. Here’s her story.

Kate and I became very fast friends. We spent the next months racing down psychological rabbit holes, figuring out new ways to use these mental techniques to help ourselves and our friends overcome our dysfunctions.

We had so much success, the owners of the Clinic asked me if I wanted to come on as the full time Rec. Therapist.

I was a bit hesitant at first, as I had no formal addiction training or certifications, and this was a $30,000 a month clinic. The Owners said the results we were getting were what was important to them.

So I was given the choice of continuing on with life as a professional FireSaber performer,  (AKA getting paid $1500 a show to VIP tour the world with acrobatically adventurous supermodels.) or take the $15 an hour service job.

No contest. This was easily the most fascinating and rewarding thing I had ever been a part of.  I took the full time job and every day became a rolling laboratory where the kids and I figured out how to use the SmartStaff as a tool that would help us rewire our minds.

This was an epic adventure. It was also quite hard, but I’m so glad it went this way. So many of us have PTSD now. I certainly do. I also battle depression daily. Studying the sword gives me a way to activate the invincible Warrior we all have within. Here’s another quick video that shows what’s possible when you learn how to manually generate the strength to rise up to meet your deepest fears.

A large number of people have now used Kung Flow to overcome some really difficult problems.  This has led me devote my entire life to perfecting the system. The task now is to provide these tools to as many as possible.

The key is to make a game of it. Get this, not only can you gamify your entire life, (everyday feels like you’re the star of a Super-Hero movie), we’ve figured out a way where you can get paid great money to go on real life rescue missions, and help people unlock new lives with your saber  skills.

Bold statement right? Well, good news. As soon as we can present phase 2 properly, you’ll see just how easy it is to make that happen.

And that bring us up where we are right now. We’re in the process of scaling up smartly, and we need help. So if you’re the kind of person who likes designing systems, (especially the kind designed to help people shine), we want you to connect with you. This is perhaps our main goal/need at the moment.


I led off with that story, because I want to make sure that you know just how powerful Kung Flow is. Kate had a crippling alcohol and cocaine addiction, and now she’s graduated at the top of her class, from an Ivy league Masters program,, and is rocking her life.

I reference that because I’d like to offer you a question. If Kung Flow is proven beneficial to that challenging of a life, what can it do for you?

Answer: Whatever you want. You can do anything you set your unlocked mind to. 

We’ve all got something we’d like to overcome, or get better at, and Kung Flow was designed to help you make that happen.

OK, now that we’ve established what’s possible, let’s look at some more non-obvious applications. There are a few groups of people we intend to build the core of our company for, and around.

Modern Day Knights.

Are you the kind of person who would land your ship in a swamp so that you could train with the Master ? Would you enroll in Starfleet Academy, attend Xavier’s school for the gifted, join Dumbeldore’s Army, Volunteer as Tribute, use your Intelligence to hack the Matrix,, and/or help Ang heal the Fire Nation?

If so, you’re the person we most hope to connect with.  There is a big need for good guides who can help people heal and grow.

Our ultimate mission is to help launch an entire generation of real life intelligent action Heroes into the World.

Good news. We’re choosing to self-identify  as the Medics. So you don’t have to fight the power.  You don’t have to fight anyone or anything. Our goal is to teach you how to wield a blade so light, it lifts people up.

Stay tuned, we’ll explain more as time allows.

Prerequisite: Be a good person.

Back in the the dark days, (The ’80’s.) we used to think you could either be smart or a great athlete, but not both.

That’s bunk. Yes, you need a certain body type to dunk a basketball from the free-throw line, but everyday skills like throwing a ball, putting, and catching a nerf dart in mid-flight are all running on something much like software—and you well know just how easily that software can be optimized.

Kung Flow shows you that all physical ability originates inside the mind. The body is an elegant machine that responds entirely to the commands of the brain. You have one of the finest minds in existence. So let’s have some fun with it.

We’ll show you how to identify and strip away the limiting belief programs that have kept you off the court and out of the arena.  We’ll then show you how to use your massive brain power to accelerate the performance/power of your body. You can have it all.

2. Gamers.

Hero, think of how much fun it is to pull off an epic sword combo on your favorite MMO. Now imagine what it will feel like when you’re not just mashing buttons that only push pixels,  but are actually rocking those moves, IRL.

Don’t let yourself settle for being consoled by the console. You can play the Hero in real time and live a life that is actually far more interesting than any game someone else laid out for you. You can light real people up with your saber skills.

(I know this is true because it has been my life for over a decade.)


Unlocking all the mental techniques, different skill trees and weapon combo’s will also give you highly valuable real world life skills, and help you connect with other heroic peers in the biggest game available, reality.

Yes, VR is the next big thing, but then again, virtually anybody can be a virtual hero. Because that takes no real skill, as there’s virtually no real effort required.

Please know that Phase 2 + 3 of our program creates a way for you to get paid to complete actually epic rescue missions in real life. You’re going to be able to use your legendary saber skills to help real people, in real time.

(Just FYI, If you like The Matrix, X-Men, The Force Unleashed, and especially Assassin’s Creed, you’re going to Love Phase 3.)

Too many Gamer’s have gone soft.  The struggle against couch-lock is real. Rocking a SmartSaber gives you the same rush as the game, and the process happily burns off a lot of the fat. Your heroic new body, combined with your epic new saber skills will  prove quite inspirational for your friends and family. You can then teach them how to level up their lives.

Also, know that the lightning fast reflexes and next-level problem solving skills you’ve been honing on the games can actually help upgrade the entire world.

It’s too early to say much more, but imagine going to parties that are a mix of Assassin’s Creed and “The Matrix”, and are held at a place that looks and feels like a noble KnightClub.

Imagine spar/dancing with a very attractive new friend, while you both expertly dual-wield very SmartSabers. The Force Amplifier is that your new community is also dedicated to serving the greater good, so you can be proud of what you’re doing with your time and energy.

It’s going to be that kind of fun and exciting. Is it actually cool? Ask one of the Game Masters from World of Warcraft.


Finally, an activity that the whole family can enjoy together without the kids feeling lame, or Dad busting his tailbone trying to kick-flip Junior’s skateboard.

Good news Parents. Kids want to learn saber skills. They want to emulate the noble Knights they see on the shows. They want to feel heroic. The great news is that you can tell your kids “The Chosen Ones” are known throughout the galaxy for their clean rooms, exemplary manners and vegetable eating abilities…

The designer of Kung Flow has 15 years experience in the after-school education, team building, and leadership skills development field. Many of the imperative life lessons you would like to impart to your children are deftly woven into the program.

Star Wars’ main themes were based on the work of a very important scholar, Joseph Campbell. He traveled the world studying the legends and myths of as many different cultures as he could find. He found that they all contained the same theme—the concept of the Hero’s Journey.

We’re all familiar with it: An ordinary person gets called to action and has to face his deepest fears in order to help protect the village. They rise up and somehow find the inner strength to save the world.

This is a training program for people who want to step up to that life in real time. The next phases of this system will tap deeply into the well of wisdom that Joseph Campbell dug for us.

Kung Flow creates a way for the average person to take on the Heroes Journey in the comfort of your own home. We focus on amplifying honor, integrity, diligence, courage, compassion and all of the other high level virtues.

Studying the saber with your kids will give you a fun way to guide them towards an honorable path.

Here’s a great example from a live class in San Diego. Kung Flow uses PC references to help you better grasp how to optimize your brain. Sometimes the technological metaphors are a little beyond the grasp of a 10 year old. Kaya got jammed up on the move called “The Rotor”, and was getting really frustrated. To the point of tears.

I realized I was not doing my job as a teacher properly, so we switched up the label from “Virus” to “Vampirus”, and this helped her unlock the move.

That smile is why we do what we do.



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