Download your next level-up with a Lightsaber





1. Never spun before?

Great! We’ll take you from zero to hero in an afternoon. This system is designed with the beginner in mind.

2. Already proficient?

This system will show you how break down moves in a way that allows you to unlock and achieve any skill you see. This how-to will also give you the Cheetah Codes, AKA the mental techniques that accelerate your ability to unlock big new moves at lightspeed.

3. Don’t have a Saber?

Bonus gift!
When you purchase the download, we’re also going to give you a video tutorial that shows you how to assemble a totally workable starter staff for about 10 bucks worth of materials from the hardware store.

It’s called a Fastaff and it’s a surprisngly competent starter staff. It does everything you need it to in the initial exercises.

The Fastaff won’t be your ultimate weapon of mass instruction, but it does means you can start leveling up immediately. Hence the name.

Bonus-Bonus level:That ten bucks will actually get you 2 full FastStaffs. So you can dual-wield or give one to a friend. Score!


It’s highly advised that you make a day out of this, and really sync into it. So here’s a free Prep plan that will give you some ideas on how to optimize the experience. (And yourself.)

Level 0.1. Prep properly. 

Anytime you take on any significant endeavor, set yourself up to succeed. Gather what you need to proceed at speed.

Level. 0.2 -Free your mind, Neo.

This is the single most important part of the prep. This is going to be very different than whatever you think it might be like, so please let go of any and all expectations. Just go with the (Kung) flow.

Note: There’s a good 20 minutes worth of theory to install before you even pick up the staff. Be ready for that. This is because we approach learning from the mind. This is the difference between KF and other tutorials. We’re going to give you techniques that allow you to blast past the 1.0 ways of learning physical skills.

Quite often I will instruct you to do something that makes no sense what-so-ever in the moment. This is always for a reason. If you are able to take the direction, you will go further, faster. I promise.

Some of the information I’m going impart will also directly challenge long held beliefs. I’m going to use computers to prove to you that you are already incredibly powerful, more than able to accomplish anything you set your unlocked mind to.

What I’m about to share with you about you is so good, it may be hard to believe at first. But it is all true, a simple mathematical matter of science.

I won’t ask you to take anything at face value though. I encourage you to research everything for yourself, in order to ensure veracity. I also encourage you to question everything, and most importantly, offer me constructive criticism and corrections.

If I’m doing something wrong, inefficiently, or in any way less than optimal, please let me know ASAP so that I can make it better. I am going to make a lot of mistakes during this process.

And that’s totally cool, because Kung Flow is a mistake based learning system. We are not only OK with making mistakes, we expect them and appreciate them.

(In free-form contact staff spinning, quite often the “mistake” becomes the mind blowing new move no one ever even thought of before.)

This realization was one of the turning points of my life. It unlocked everything. Happily, I was able to realize there is exactly zero shame in an honest mistake, just an opportunity to level up if you can bypass the ego game.

I’m now one of the rare people that actually appreciates it when you point out an error or deficiency of mine. So feel encouraged to offer and all feedback, suggestions and corrections.

One of the things I allow myself to be proud of, is my ability to put my ego aside in order to serve the greater good. Which brings us to an extremely important point.

While I will be directing the approach and delivery of the online version of Kung Flow, my intention/hope/request is that this system becomes a community effort fully optimized by crowdsourcery.

Like I said, I need help. I’m great in person, but creating a static program is an entirely new endeavor for me. So only you can say what works and what doesn’t.

Please also know that I will be overjoyed when you find a glitch of mine, or a way to upgrade the approach. If it’s really good, I might just send you a free saber, or a coupon for Fro-yo or something.

PREP LEVEL  0.3. Staff Up.

We’d love it if you bought one of our SmartStaffs. But it’s not necessary.

The initial phases of the Kung Flow download can be accomplished with something as easily obtained as a broomstick. Just make sure the staff is around chin high, perfectly straight, and the weight is evenly distributed from end to end.

Make sure it is perfectly round and smooth, so you don’t cut your hands or get splinters when you spin. Any sharp edge on a saber hilt is a bad idea.

Being at this level means you have already unlocked a free schematic that will show you exactly how to assemble a Faststaff.

Personally, I’d suggest taking the time to make/acquire a staff you really, really like. If I do my job right, you’re going to go on the same IRL epic adventure quest the staff propelled me onto. Having a saberstaff you connect with really adds to the fun of that.

I highly recommend against using a combat grade staff. Right now the only person you’re going to hit you is you, so play for that. We’ll get further into why weapons work against your RSA in the video portion. (Rapid Skill Acquistion.)

Also, you can learn on a sword. Just like you could learn to ski on a black diamond run, or learn to drive in LA during rush hour, or learn how to ride a bike on a unicycle.

Could and should are very different things. If you’re new to spinning, I highly recommend using a staff to achieve the skill, then transferring the skill over to your saber. This approch will speed you through the learning curve.

PREP 0.4 Set the Space.

You’re going to need enough room to spin, and drop, a five foot staff at speed. Repeatedly.

You’re also going to be exploring the inner workings of your mind, so try to find somewhere you won’t be hindered or interrupted in any way.

Make a day of it if you can. Best bet would to download the lessons onto your laptop, tablet or phone, and find a quiet, tranquil spot somewhere high up in mountains, preferably near big trees, and really sink in to this.

For those of you that just said “Yeah right.”, I feel you. It’s getting harder and harder to secure some personal space.

So if you have to spin in your living room like I did, PLEASE move the lamps, cover the flatscreen, and lock your little brother in the hall closet. (Don’t do that. )

What I hope happens is that I impart the techniques properly, and you spend all day in a hyper-trance, unlocking and honing a surprisingly large number of sweet saber skills at speed.

So I highly advise laying out everything you’re going to need like a surgeon before a heart transplant, so that you don’t have to break the flow until you’re ready to stop.

PREP. 0.5: Kung Fuel up your tank.

The physical and mental processes both require the right fuel in order to run optimally. The goal is to be able to hyper-clock our super-conscious drives, (We’ll cover it.) so we really need to be on point with this.

Here are our fuel sources, in order of importance.

0.5.1 Air.

We burn oxygen as our primary fuel. For some reason we are not taught how to breathe properly. (Or in my case, at all. Yay public school.) I am not qualified to offer expert advice in this area, so I will ask you to spend some time learning from those who are.

If you want a starting point, I took a class from David Beaudry from Qi Revolution and was deeply impressed with him.

0.5.2 Water.

Water is our secondary fuel source. It also acts as a coolant, lubricant, burns fat, aids digestion, flushes toxins, and does a ton of other really great things for us.

Many of us are actually spending most of our lives a bit dehydrated. Adequately hydrating is a major game changer. Find out what you need and make sure you get it.

Start now. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

For unlocking day, make sure you have way more than you think you need on hand. Especially those of you who are just getting back to fitness, or live in an area where safe H20 doesn’t come out of the tap.

Pro-Tip. Now that bottled water is a commodity, I found that I wasn’t drinking enough, because I wanted to be “cost conscious”. That is not smart thinking. If you have to purchase water, do so abundantly. Nothing you can buy will be better for you.

Also, some expensive bottled water is just tap water. Do your research and find out where the good spring water in your area comes from.

0.5.3 Kung Food.

If you truly want to attain the advanced levels, you have to eat well. You can have the keys to a 727 horsepower dragster, but if you put nothing but Cheeto’s in the tank it’s going nowhere fast.

We’ll get more into that in the forum, but for now, know that your brain needs protein to think, and the body needs quality carbs and fat to burn. A big part of what we’re going to do as a community is get to the bottom of what is and what isn’t good for us. So much of what we were taught is wrong.

Organic food is more expensive, but it’s the second most important thing to allot your money to.

If you do plan on immersing yourself in the unlocking process for more than an hour or two, pack some healthy snacks so you can recharge as necessary.

As a random note, I’ve found that Reishi and Lions Mane mushrooms are very good for my training days. I just seem to think more clearly and have more energy when I add them to my meals.

Spinning a SmartSaber is 90% mental. Power up accordingly.

0.5.4. Tune up your Music.

Music as a fuel? That’s kind of a M. Knight Shyamalam level plot twist to throw in at the end, I know. But it’s also totally true.

Think about it this way, food goes in your mouth, music goes in your ear. Both cause chemical reactions that can give you energy, or drop your mood down.

The right music can pump you up, and help you blast past the blocks. If it gets your Adrenalin pumping in a healthy and heroic way, you’re doing it right.

If you don’t have a stereo to bump, put an MP3 player in your back pocket, run the headphone cord up your back, inside your shirt, up to your ears. Sport buds with clips are preferable and not too expensive.

Front pants pocket will work, but the mp3 player may take a few hits along the way. Best place is up against the base of your spine. You can usually procure a workout belt at a thriftstore for a few bucks.

Uplifting trance and liquid drum-n-bass are especially well suited to what we’re exploring here.

Let’s please start a playlist thread in the forum ASAP. On that note: We have a ton of pro-tips on how to optimize practice sessions. The forum is getting built as we speak, and there will be a dedicated section to these kind of hacks.

Remember kids, Dubstep leads to Dubpression.

PREP LEVEL 0.5.5. Take Note.

If all goes according to plan, you are going to give yourself some incredibly important insights into your own operating systems, so I’d suggest keeping a log of what you learned.

There’s a certain magic in writing these insights out by hand. It allows you to capture all your cognitive hyper-links, while also burning them deeper into your mind.

I’ve had the biggest cognitive break-throughs of my life while spinning. The excellent book, “The Rise of Superman, decoding the Science of Flow” will explain exactly why that happens.

Also, PLEASE take note of my mistakes, so that you can bring them to my attention in the forum. Your feedback is imperative, so that we can get this right.

I detest how low-pro the tutorial looks right now, but it makes no sense to spend money on production values until the content is fully dialed in.

PREP LEVEL 0.6: Fast Friends.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group.

I love this old African proverb. It’s proven so true for me.

I had the best, most exhilarating time of my life mastering the staff. The only way it could have been better is if I had a partner or two billion to share the ride with.

If you’ve got a fast friend, or better yet a tight crew of riders who are ready to level up to actual hero status and use their epic saber skills to save the real world in real time, more power to you.

Make that happen. Go camping, make a day out of it.

Let’s be honest, we both know you can buy one download and share it with 10 people on a Saturday, and there’s not much I can do about that.

Here’s the thing. I’m totally cool with that. Money is not the first consideration here.

I believe the work will speak for itself. I’m trusting that I will somehow come out OK in the end. So do what you think is best. If your friends receive any value, please suggest they try to shoot a few ducats my way when you can. I do have to pay rent, and my current car was most likely imported in on the Mayflower…

(PayPal is

Some my advisers have worried about my faith in the honor system. What they don’t yet grasp is that the people that are attracted to the enlightening saber are already likely to live with a high level of integrity. We’ll see.

Probably the biggest part of the challenge on my end, is figuring out how to help you see into your blind spots. Those dark corners are where all the magic is stashed.

Also, its not so much that we’re adding in new power, so much as we’re stripping away self imposed limits. Limiting self belief programs are the things that keep us from harnessing our full capacity.

The limits live in our blindspots.

The problem is that most of us have been conditioned to ignore and/or deny the ubiquitous glitches, knowledge gaps, and limiting self belief programs that we’ve all been unfairly saddled with.

Our blind spots keep us from becoming aware of our blind spots.

This keeps us in the dark about them, doomed to keep repeating problems without progress.

Don’t think you have any blindspots? This should prove I-opening.

For example, I caught myself drilling a move (repeated attempts in order to gain mastery over a single skill) over and over again without progressing , not realizing I had wasted several hours, and endured a ton of unnecessary blunt trauma. All I was doing was making the same mistake in slightly different ways.

This was what illuminated the need to develop Secondary Self Awareness. This is when you are able to accurately assess your own cognitive processes, even when you really dislike what you see.

The staff was the thing that finally alerted me to just how self-defeating I had become. Blunt trauma is a very compelling teacher.

Gaining the ability to honestly and accurately self-diagnose our glitches is what truly rockets us forward. So we’re going to dive deep up into that.

I know I’m going to need your input on that one. It’s quite easy for me to help with that in person, but we have to think in terms of conveying that skill to a mass audience via an online video.

I know a bunch of you are going to have to take this path on solo for a while, so we need to come up with a way for the average person to gain the skill on their own.

We all have some holes in our armor, and they’re usually somewhere we can’t see them. At some point, you’re going to need a second point of perception. This is where You-Tubiquity comes into play in our favor. We’ll be able to spot for each other via video, and offer guidance.

If you are lucky enough to have a fast friend, the kind that will tell you exactly how, where and why you’re messing up, that is your best ally against mediocrity.

And if that fast friend can call you on your BS, and make you laugh about it, treat them like treasure. Because that’s exactly what they are. That skill is the mark of a Master.

PREP LEVEL 0.7. Suit yourself Up.

Clothes matter. A lot. Look the part. Engage the archetype.

Another non-obvious suggestion. I’m not saying go out and spend 800 dollars on custom bathrobes, but I can confidently say that I train way better when I dress sharp.

The bigger goal here is for you to achieve real life Super-hero status. Looking the part helps you feel the part.

Feeling the part helps you gain the skills that let other people know you are a person of consequence.

No comic book cover was ever graced by a guy in pizza stained sweat pants, rocking house slippers and an Ed Hardly Snuggie.

If you think you look good, you feel better. This makes for better performance. Also, if you’re on the “path” from the Disney owned movie that shall not be named, it’s going to be way more fun to dress the part while you install the system. 🙂

PREP LEVEL 0.8 Hit Record.

You might want to have camera on hand, to record your progress. This will also help you suss out errors. Also, if you intend to utilize the affiliate program, the excitement on your face will probably be the best online interest driver.

And perhaps the most important prep note:

Create ways for this to be more fun for you. Do what you like.

It’s your system now. Custom tailor it to suit your needs. If you like bagpipe based EDM, rock that. If your alter-ego character is half were-wolf, half Harajuku girl, rock that.

Just have fun. Fun is the secret to unlocking new levels at lightspeed.


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