Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.


This is the training program that will show you how to use a lightsaber to unlock your next level.  If you stick with it, you will get smarter and stronger, faster than you ever thought possible. Where you go from there Hero, is up to you.

The Kung Flow download also contains video tutorials that will show how you to easily assemble a surprisingly capable starter staff and saber out of materials you can find at any hardware store.

The FastStaff and QuickSpinner* won’t be your ultimate weapons of mass instruction, but they will definitely get you going. They’re not optimal for contact, but are actually highly proficient spinners.

Please factor this in. The FastStaff can be easily assembled in 10 minutes with $5 worth of materials, and the QuickSpinner for about $15. So if you can Lego, you can construct your own set of custom colored sabers today, and be unlocking impressive skills by nightfall.

Add the tax and your total cost for endless hours of enjoyment is about 27 bucks. That’s what, half a Frappuccino?

*QuickSpinner assembly tutorial is being prepped now. All interim orders will receive the tut as soon as it is produced, which will be Quickly.






                                                                        Want the kind of contact saber skills that blow people's minds open?                                                                                    The SmartStaff is the tool unlocks the fast track to advanced status.                                                                                     This design is perfectly tuned,  balanced, and calibrated for maximum                                                                               efficiency. The lightweight, padded build allows you to rapidly master                                                                                 the kinetics of the high end skills. You can then easily transfer your                                                                                     skills over to your electric saber, and start lighting people up.




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