Download your next level-up with a Lightsaber

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The SmartSaber takes the deadliest weapon in the known universe, and turns it into a teaching tool sharp enough to carve out a more civilized age.

This is the most kinetically intelligent training saber ever available on this planet. We took everything that works so well on the SmartStaff and squished it all into a saber.

You’ll be able to unlock and install an actually epic saber spinning skillset with this pro-tool. The weight and handling are just as precisely pro-tuned, but the asymmetrical build of the sword means the contact rolls will appear even more magical.

There’s another non-obvious but massive benefit built in to the SmartSaber. Tens of thousands of people have now invested a ton of money into expensive custom sabers. Having a flashy lightsaber is a great way to meet people. Light one up and a crowd will gather.

But at some point, someone is going to ask you to do something cool with it. You want to be ready for that.

Kung Flow is going to get you the skills, but there will be a learning curve. Which means that you will be dropping your saber. A lot, if you’re doing it right.

You wouldn’t let a 15 year old learn to drive on your Ferrari, so don’t make your expensive custom saber suffer the consequences of multiple drops on concrete. This blade was made to take those falls with ease.

This design will quickly become the industry standard for people who want to perform flashy spins and choreography.

You can get one of the first flight of the signature factory editions, if you act fast.

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