Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.
Lightsabers are the most iconic weapons in the galaxy, but the SmartStaff is the tool that unlocks the fast track to actual Master Status.

The larger sweet spot provided by the double blade configuration allows you to master all the impressive spins and flourishes at lightspeed.

Precisely pro-tuned and perfectly balanced, the SmartStaff’s even weight distribution makes it hyper–responsive to your commands.

These industry defining features, combined with the face saving padded blades, allow you to enjoy exploring the upper reaches of the advanced skillset.

This means you can unlock and perform the seemingly magical centrifugal force powered contact rolls, w/o having to endure the brunt of repeated blunt trauma.

Once you have the impressive staff skills on lock, you can then easily transfer the new moves straight across to your saber.

This tool was designed by one of the top Firestaff spinners in the world, in order to meet his uniquely rigorous needs. If he had to start all over again, he’d start with one of these.

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