Download your next level-up with a Lightsaber

Lightsabers are the most iconic weapons in the galaxy.

The SmartStaff Advanced is the key that unlocks the fast path to legendary status.

Pro-tip #1. Don’t try to learn contact on a sword. The level of precision they require makes the learning curve much sharper than it needs to be. It’s like learning how to ride a bike on a unicycle. You can do it, but it’s ridiculously harder and will take way too long. You want to rock right now.

The larger sweet spot provided by the double bladed saber configuration allows you to master all the mindblowing centrifugal force powered contact rolls at lightspeed.

The SmartStaff Advanced is precisely pro-tuned and honed to perfection by one of the people who pioneered the art of contact staff spinning. The padded blades allow you to safely and enjoyably explore the upper reaches of your ability. This means you’ll have an absolute blast unlocking the mind blowing moves that impress your friends.

ProTip#2. Use the SmartStaff Advanced to dial the kinetics of the new moves into your muscle memory.   You can easily transfer the skillset over to your electric saber. This intelligent approach to athletic achievement massively reduces rage quits.

This tool was designed by one of the top firestaff spinners in the world, in order to meet his demanding expectations. If he had to start all over again, he’d start here.

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