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    We’re pretty much all wounded warriors at this point. The good news is that there are healing solutions. The great news is that many of these patches can be applied with a Lightsaber.

    I, (ryan) had really challenging childhood. Lots of abuse, neglect and such. Kung Flow helped me climb out of the depressing well of the shame spiral I was in.

    And now I’m really excited about having this forum to share everything of value I picked up on that Frodo Solo style journey back into the Light. I’ve had the good fortune to learn from some truly great teachers.

    So when you all add all of your tricks and pro-tips, we are going to be able to synthesize the best of the best tech into one epically powerful recovery system.

    Then, if you want, you can get paid to help other people learn how to level up as well. This is way more likely than you currently might think.

    Let me say Hello from the other side of the hole. The hellish process that you’ve been through, or are currently in, is also an epic training program.

    You have first hand understanding of what it’s like to touch rock bottom. Only people who have dove to those depths can grasp what that pressure feels like.

    Your transformation will become the living proof that scared people need to see in order to start the fight back towards the light.

    Spoiler alert: The light at the end of the tunnel is you holding a Saber.

    Get ready Folks, you’re actually the group that’s going to shine the brightest. 🙂

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    Ian Mulcahy

    I’m really looking forward to using this as a recovery tool. I suffered a head injury in a car crash that left me disabled for a couple years, and my neural wiring now seems to have some “shorts” in it. I also put on weight during that time. I’m trying to recover and get started on being more like who I was– and I’m thinking that Kung Flow might be a way to help. Only time will tell, right?
    –Ian M

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