Download your next level-up with a Lightsaber

We are establishing a Modern Day Knight Class.

We not only want to provide you with a fun fitness experience, we’re committed to creating a way for you to get paid to play the rest of your life as a Hero. Here’s what we’re building on your behalf.

Paid Performance:  Kung Flow is going to get you the kind of Lightsaber skills that event producers and music festival promoters want on stage. Everybody loves Lightsabers. It’s the single most iconic and desired item in the pop culture universe. Get your skills up to speed, and you will get booked for the big shows. (This effect is force amplified for Females.)

Actors/Stunt people. The big D is going to pump out Star Wars films until they stop making money. That run should last until about 3327. Disneyland wants you lighting people up in the electric light parade. So they’re going to need a ton of people skilled with Lightsabers.

Backyard Birthday Knights. This is one of the facets I’m most excited about.  I just got $200 bucks to show up at a kids party and spin some sabers around for an hour. There is a ton of demand for this kind of gig. Think of how many parents all across America are already shelling out $200-300 an hour  to have some not-so-Superman in slightly saggy spandex show up at their kids party and then not fly.

Imagine what happens when you show up looking sharp, snap out an impressive saber set that lights their little kids up inside. You win. But factor this in, your Lightsaber skills have managed to earn the little sugar-burners attention and respect.

This gives you the ability to install some really positive programming in them. Tell them you’re on a scouting mission for the Academy, and that you’ll be back someday, looking for well behaved kids with impressive saber skills, good grades, clean rooms and Jedi level vegetable eating abilities.

Inspire the kids to be better kids and parents will throw money at you. And every other kid will demand your presence at their party. It’s win/win Kung Fu for all involved, because the Parents really want you to return again and again. Why? Because you’re such a positive role model for their kids.

Also they want you back because they want in on the action. They want to learn lightsabers skills too. A lot of people do. You can run party/classes for adults and that can get really fun.

Don’t worry about not being a Master. I haven’t achieved that title yet, so you don’t need to either. Just stay one class ahead of your students, and you’ll do just fine. Getting paid to do what you love is one of the keys to life. Getting well paid to do something fun that makes the world a better place is the next level of that.


Right now, too many teachers just aren’t interesting enough to engage their pupils. The kids are exploring HD-VR and slaying High-Def Dragons with their Fire Swords by age 4.  So an attention deficit is quite often due to the teacher being comparatively boring.

Kung Flow is also a great way teach critical thinking skills. Again, the force amplifier here is that people LOVE Lightsabers, and the people who can expertly wield them. This means that if you can master some cool moves, you will instantly earn the respect of potential students.

This respect equals trust. This is HUGE when dealing with traumatized people. They have layer after layer of protective shielding up at all times. Your saber skills and non-traditional approach often allows you to get behind the walls that few others can.

This is where it gets really good for those inclined towards the teaching/counseling track. The addiction/trauma recovery market is huge now. As is the eating disorder, Autism, ASPY, ADHD, Foster Care and all the other social service facets of the healthcare industry.

After spending 12 years working in the mental health field, I’ve found that most of the most beneficial guidance you can offer is  just common sense that you are more than capable of imparting. Drink water, eat more salads, maintain a positive mindset. Earning the trust of the troubled soul is about 80% of the work. Your saber skills ensure you won’t be viewed as just another lab coat w/o a clue.

As time and energy allow, I will also be creating an advanced teacher training program. This is where I will do my best to share the more esoteric psychology and recovery aspects of the program. This knowledge, combined with a Cert from a mainstream school should prove to be highly valuable if you want a career as a counselor.

Which BTW, is a great life, and a much needed one at the moment. I created a new kind of career called
“Djedhi Mind Tech”. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Factor this in. I now make $150 an hour playing video games and teaching lightsaber skills to people I love. Good news, I’m nothing special. No college degree. No fancy certs of any kind. What I do have is a common sense system that works because it makes the client feel like they’re the star of a Superhero Movie. So you can do this too.

C.S.D.- Certified Saber Dealers:

Many of you are crafters and builders. So in order to assist you, we’re going to try to provide you with Kits filled with all the parts you need to construct QuickSpinners and SmartSabers that you can then sell yourself.

Yes, we’re probably leaving money on the table with this one. That’s OK, it’s not about maximizing our profits. It’s about creating ways for the Modern Day Knight to make honorable money doing something that makes a difference.

Just make sure you only put out high quality tools, and we’ll be happy that you’re happy. 🙂

Power Partners. I recently turned down a $250,000 investment into Kung Flow, for just 2% of the business. Why? I couldn’t give the investor my full trust.  I need people who I can fully trust to do this right. There are multiple massive markets to tap into here, and once it catches fire, the revenue stream will be enormous.  Money makes people more of what they are. So the shot callers need to be able to play at the highest level, with a Jedi level of Integrity at all times.

If you’ve got scalable skills and a proven track record based on Integrity, please reach out. I need help.

Web Designers: This site really should be an epic adventure in and of itself.  If you have vision and want to help shape this corner of cyberspace into a masterpiece of interactive awesome, please reach out.

AI: Angel Investors.

Right now, we’re a mom-and-pop saber skills shop. This is because we’ve spent the last 3 years creating business partnerships, only to have the other side try to wrest ownership of the company away in the contract phase. So we decided to build it up ourselves, so as to safeguard the technology.

As admittedly grandiose as it may sound, we think this project has the potential to make a major difference. So do a lot of other people.

So we’re playing the patience game until we connect with the integrity based business partner/Investor we’re holding out for. If you’d like to help, we could use it.

LANDOWNERS: We also produce 3 day camping retreats that provide a wealth of workshops, exercises and experiences designed to empower and assist the Modern Day Knight.

djed gen 2 grop

These events were so successful that we got too big too fast, and had to dial them back in order to ensure that we were setting the core properly. Lessons learned, we’re now gearing up to start hosting again.

We have access to several beautiful venues, but our dream is to have a permanent home that we can build a legacy on. Think Shao-Lin temple with Matrix style exercise trainers, meditation pagoda’s, campfire circles for sing along and improv training, etc.

If you have land and would like to turn it into a training ground that generates and recharges real life Heroes, we’re always up for entertaining those offers.

A side note:  Our events are always non-alcoholic and attract the people who have outgrown the need to get wasted. When you cater to people who aspire to be noble knights,  your clientele is comprised entirely of service oriented people who enjoy leaving your land better than they found it.

The customer pool is already full. There is money to be made. Now we just need the base camp.

Ready to get ahead of the curve and start studying the system so you can become an instructor? Click on the saber.


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