Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Hey Folks? Can I ask for another few minutes of your time? It’s important. Thank you.

This is going to be big. I know this because very little is built and I’ve already been fielding investment offers into Kung Flow. Often in the $200 to $250 thousand dollar range. One offer was for 250K for just 2% of the business. That number is that high because Lightsabers are a huge business now.

I’ve had to turn them all down, because the potential partners all showed a distinct lack of Honor and/or Integrity. Some tried to trick me out of control of this in the contract phase. One group I disconnected from even took my unique sword design and promo to market without me, very much against my wishes.  It’s a compliment in a weird way, it means they clearly see the potential to make a lot of money.

That’s great, but there’s a much bigger, much more important game to be played. Please know that Kung Flow is the first phase of a 7 part system designed to be an antidote the idiocracy we’re currently experiencing.  So many of our interpersonal problems are simply the result of poor health. You just can’t think clearly when you’re eating garbage and are 100 pounds overweight. But the struggle against couch-lock is real. A fat body at rest tends to stay at rest. Preferably near pudding.

Kung Flow is what America needs right now, an ideal movement.  It’s an enjoyable, user paced fitness program you can do alone or in groups, in the comfort and safety of your backyard.  It also makes you smarter. So it’s going to help revive the Children of the Corn Syrup.

But there’s something more available. We can also use the light of the saber to bring people together in a way that transcends race, color, class, and creed.  If we can inspire people to come together like Jedi, we can unify and focus a critical mass of good people, and in doing so, generate a force so powerfully kind, it upgrades the entire world.

Bold statement right? Here’s the thing. As I have the time to properly present phase 2 and 3, you’ll see just how simple this science actually is.

Fire up an electric Lightsaber in public and you will draw a crowd. That’s because the saber is a light house that shines out a new hope. Those people are responding to a call hard-wired into them by the Star Wars movies. The Jedi are the most noble of Knights, the Heroes so many of us wish we were. So when those people see a saber light up, it’s like moths to the flame. They want to hold the sword, and meet the owner, and acquire saber skills.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been building a social scene that brings us together as real life SuperHeroes. If we learn useful life skills like CPR, Conflict resolution, Sustainable ecology, etc, we can turn saving the real world into the best work party ever. Funny thing, it’s hilariously easy. That’s actually the challenge. It’s all too easy. We’ve been conditioned to mistrust the stuff that seems too good to be true. So my job now is to present it all properly.

There’s now a Kaiburr crystal clear way anybody with a good heart can level up their skillset to intelligent action hero status. If we self-identify as Medics, Tech’s and Protectors rather than Warriors, we can bring a lot of light into the world.

If we all come together like Jedi, we can not only get back on track, we can actually unlock a whole new level of life. That’s obviously going to take some explanation, but for now what I’d like for you to know is that because of our advances in technology, there are elegant solutions to all of our most pressing problems. We just have to stop yelling at each other long enough to implement them. Phase 2 will make that happen.

Phase 2 introduces The Digital Red Pill. This is a story I wrote for the kids out at the Rehab Clinic. It gave them a way to make their addiction recovery process feel like they were playing a video game. Honestly, it worked wonders. That’s because it gave them a way to turn the trauma and tragedy of their past into fuel for an epic real life superhero origin story.

It also gives anybody with a noble soul and the willingness to serve others the ability a way to write themselves into the Real Life Legend of the Djedhi.

That’s not a typo. That’s actually the historically accurate spelling of an order of Ancient Egyptian Scholar/Warrior/Magicians who would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil in order to provide stability and return the land to peace and prosperity.

Here’s their symbol. 
It’s called a “Djed Pillar”.  Looks a lot like Lightsaber doesn’t it? And oddly enough, it’s pretty much a perfect contact saber. There’s a large number of those kind of uncanny coincidences involving our modern life and those ancient Egyptian Djedhi. The best part about them is that they were Self-Selecting. As in anybody who wanted to join the order, could.

There is a massive power in the concept of re-booting this ancient honor society. Especially when combined with Kung Flow’s ability to help people achieve new heights. People are looking for something positive and productive to be a part of. They want to help make a difference.  I launched a beta-test of this social experiment a few years back, it was called “Djedi Generation” and it got so big so fast I lost control of it, and had to shut it down.

I’ve been studying the psychology of it all non-stop ever since. I think I’ve got a good bit of it dialed in, but I have not mastered it. But the world seems like it needs something like this immediately, so I’m going to launch and trust that the force will bring the right people to me. You can get a sneak peek at phase 2 here. www.thedigitalredpill.com.

I’ll be honest, it’s daunting to say the least. I’m way overworked and underfunded. Right now, I’m only working as a counselor 5 hours a week. This earns me just enough credits to cover my bills. This allows me to spend the other 6 days fully focused on figuring out on how to launch this properly. I could definitely use some operating money. So knowing that, I’d like to ask you for two things. Please buy the download for 3.99. It says 19.99 for now but that will change shortly. This money will help me in an infinite number of ways.

Also, if you end up receiving value from the system, please tell your friends. I don’t have money to spend on ads right now, and honestly, your first hand vouch will be better anyway. I think you posting videos of you rocking saber skills is win/win for all of us.

If nothing else, up in the upper left corner there’s a “Register” button. Please sign in so we can stay in touch. I’ll be making some bigger moves in the near future and this will be the best way to stay connected.

I finally found a business person with the skills to properly guide me through this first phase of starting up. If there’s any way you can help as I learn how to navigate the shark filled waters of high finance, please reach out.
I definitely need the help.

Thank you!

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