Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Hey Folks? Can I ask for another few minutes of your time? It’s important.

I’ve been fielding investment offers into Kung Flow. Often in the $200 to $250 thousand dollar range.

I’ve had to turn them all down, because the potential partners haveĀ all invariably all tried to grab control of the company, or turned out to be shady in some way. It’s a compliment in a weird way, it means they clearly see the potential to make a lot of money.
That’s great, but there’s a much bigger, much more important game to be played. Please know that Kung Flow is the first phase of a system designed to be an antidote the idiocracy we’re currently experiencing. The key to getting the world back on track is to make a game out of it, and get a bunch of people to play.

That’s obviously going to take some explanation, but for now what I’d like for you to know is that there are solutions to all our problems, and that putting them into play will probably be the most fun we’ve ever had.

So it’s imperative that I partner up wisely, so that the altruistic aspects of Kung Flow don’t get overridden by greedy people. So in order to be able to pay my bills and fully focus on navigating this tricky time period, I’m going to run another kickstarter campaign.

This will give me some much needed lunch money, but it will also give me a powerful tool. The potential investors want to see something called traction. Traction means people are investing actual money into your idea/product.

We’ve already done well though last years kickstarter. I’d like to do better, as the better these numbers are, the more power I will retain over the direction of the company.

You want that, because I’m committed to people before profits.

My dream is that this project helps you get smarter and stronger, and also provides you with a fun way to make some side money. Many people are going to be able to carve out careers teaching this system. It’s fun and highly educational, and that is a valuable combination.

So please stay tuned for more news, it’s going to happen fast.

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