Level up your life with an Enlightening Saber.

Hey Folks? Can I ask for another few minutes of your time? It’s important. Thank you.

This is going to be big. I know this because I’ve already been fielding investment offers into Kung Flow. Often in the $200 to $250 thousand dollar range.

One offer was for $250K for just 2% of the business. That number is that high because Lightsabers are such a huge business now. It’s going to absolutely explode when the Last Jedi starts showing Rey how to use a Lightsaber in December.

There’s a way we can source this Force, and use it to spark a worldwide ideal movement.  We can create a way for ordinary people to step up into the role of real life noble Knight, and generate a force so powerfully kind, it gets the entire world back on track.

I know how that sounds, but it’s actually a simple science.  My job is to get Kung Flow up and running on auto-pilot so I can put full-focus on that part of the plan.

I sincerely believe you can change the world with your Lightsaber skills.

I believe if we come together like Jedi, this company has the power to make a major difference.

So I can’t risk giving ownership over to people who just want to wring some cash out of it and not put their heart into the art of effecting great change.

That’s why I’ve had to turn down all the potential investors. They all showed a distinct lack of Honor and/or Integrity. As much as I could really use the money, I feel compelled to make sure I protect the business, because of the potential I, and now many others see.

Kung Flow is what America needs right now, an ideal movement.  It’s a highly enjoyable, user paced fitness program you can do alone or in groups, in the comfort and safety of your backyard.  It also makes you smarter. So it’s going to help revive the Children of the Corn Syrup.

Right now. it’s 6/23/17.  There’s a huge amount of interest in the Fidget Spinners. That’s great because it shows that people are loving spinning. I’m going to try to catch that wave and see if I can help the fidget spinners step up to a tool that will help them build a better body and a stronger mind.

This site isn’t exactly as I would like it, but it gets the point across. Hopefully, enough to earn your $3.99.

So I’m going to launch some promo, and see if I can generate some more resources, in order to be able to hire the people who know how to package this properly.

Everything is pretty basic looking right now, because I’m doing almost everything myself.  Right now, I own 93% of Kung Flow, which means this company always puts people before profits.

I want to keep it that way.

I’d like to request that you help me build this up into something really powerful. Please share this with your friends.
Please post video of yourself rocking with you sabers.

Please use the mental techniques to quit smoking, or lose weight, or be a better Father. Find a way to shine.

Your friends seeing you Light Up will be the kind of advertising I couldn’t buy with a billion dollars.

Your  3.99 will add up fast, and help me build this company up into something that brings a lot of light into the world.  I promise, you that’s what’s at the core of this. We can make a major difference with this program.  It’s upgraded more lives than I can count now. That’s what drives me.

Right now, people are entering “fidget spinner” into search engine all over America. If I can earn some of that interest, I can avoid having to give large percentages of Kung Flow over to big businessmen I don’t know.

There’s a way we can do this together. So I’m going to start launching now, and see what works and what doesn’t.

There will undoubtedly be a ton of mistakes, that’s fine. We’ll fix them on the fly.  Please be patient with me, and with the process.We will get this right, and it will help a lot of good people unlock all new lives.

There’s way you can play the rest of your life as a Hero.

Many of you are going to get well paid to do so.

My job now, is making that happen.

Thank you for your support.


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